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 Welcome to Voice of All India Exservicemen Society. The organisation is the result of a decade of field work, research into the discrimination carried out on PBOR during and after the service. This organisation is working for upliftment of PBOR members and also to eliminate discrimination, which is nothing but legally sanctioned slavery under the garb of discipline.

The Society’s demands are:

  1. OROP – One Rank One Pension – As most of the PBORs compulsorily retire in the age group of 37-45, They are the most deserving candidates.
  2. Enhancement of disability pension
  3. To implement court order granting enhanced rate of pension to jcos/ncos/ors  from 01 Jan 06 instead of 24 Sep 14
  4.  70% last drawn pay as pension to jcos/ncos/ors – which was in vogue  until  3rd Pay Commission
  5. Family pension equal to the service pension
  6. Dearness Allowances equal in cash to all ranks as cost of living is same for all
  7. Improvement of Services of ECHS  by creating representation for 80% PBORs in governing and regulating the ECHS.
  8. Canteen funds instead of leaving in local commanders’ hands,to be utilized for raising medical colleges and engineering colleges where wards of serving and retired jcos/ncos/ors to be educated free of cost.
  9.  Licences for security, CNG station, Coal transporter should be given to all the ranks.  They should not be reserved only for officers only, as is current status
  10. The untouchability and ghetto system practiced by all Armed forces Ancillary services to be abolished. e.g. AWHO projects have separate enclaves for Officers and PBORs, even though cost of of the dwellings are same for both.
  11. Elimination of sewadari system from Army. Soldiers are for Fighting wars – not domestic servants
  12. Children education allowances should be made application to all retired jcos/ncos/ors.
  13. Equal of military pay to all rank – Every soldier to be treated equal for military pay as risks involved are same for all.
  14. Fee concession should be provided to children of jcos/ncos/ors at par with SC/ST in all the professional and academic courses like MBBS/BDS/Pharmacy, MBA, Engineering, IITs, MCA, Law, B.Ed etc.
  15. Re-structuring and modernising forces in professional manner by removing colonial discrimination by their roots, in similar ways of modern Forces similar lines of American Army.
  16. JCOs/NCOs/ORs should be given  representation in ECHS, District Soldier Board, Rajya Sabha board , kendriya soldier board, DGR as per ratio.  Currently all these posts are dominated by officers, leaving them at the mercy of their mechanizations, nepotism and discrimination. OIC of these organisation should not be reserved for officers rank only.
  17. Discrimination prevalent in armed forces should be eliminated in all it form. Forces have become VVIP racism hubs with almost every facility being reserved for officers, including toilets.
  18. Transparency in awarding gallantry and other medal. Here too 80:20 rule is prevalent. For 80% brave acts of PBOR, 80% gallantry awards are cornered by Officers.
  19. Reducing corruption in armed forces, by creating a platform wherein corrupt practices can be reported by PBOR without fear of retribution- Similar to Whistle blower protection act.