Message from Veteran Bir Bahadur Singh

Message from Veteran Bir Bahadur Singh

‘Sansad Gherao’ 02 Aug 2015, Exclusively by jcos/ncos/ors.

Every ex jcos ncos ors and their family members from all over of the country are requested to be present at jantar mantar on due date to show your strength andcapabilities to country, parliamentarians, medias etc.

Presence of intellectual class ex jcos ncos ors from all over of the country is mandatory. History will have to remember us most patriotic, honest,hard working, loyal to nation and democracy, brave, , ready to sacrifice their life to nation, talented citizen of our country.  The sansad gherao will be the milestone in the history of India and Indian armed forces being carried out by ex jcos nco ors for their legitimate rights and eliminating discrimination. Your physical presence will decide the furture of ex jcos ncos ors.

      It is not a individual battle but the battle of every jcos nco ors. Hence, please contact ex jcos ncos ors and at least one esm to bring 10. Orgnanise meetings at your level to motivate jcos ncos ors to appear in ‘sansad gherao’,  I have request in 9 whatapp groups of Voice of ESM society having more than 800 ex jcos ncos ors to bring 10 esm by each esm. If the group members work in dedicated way that whatsapp group alone can bring 8000 ex jcos sncos ors.  As on today confirmation of one bus has been received from Ludhiana through whatstapp. ESM from Chennai, Verdaha (Mah), kerala, Gujrat, , Mumbai have confirmed their participation through whatsapp. If participation of more than 50 thousand ex jcos nco ors is received, the venue can be shifted to Ram Lila Ground. I have seen very good communication of our categories and a team of 20 to 50 such learned ex jcos ncos ors will be nominated to talk with Govt and media. Materials of demand is being supplied to the medias and with personal sitting, our issues are being brought in their personal knowledge. In mid July a press will be addressed and by the time we have the number of of ex jcos nco ors coming to Delhi.

Hence, please leave you ease and comfort and be part of historical movement exclusively by jco ncos ors. Get reservation in advance and not confirmed please travel as we used to during service period.

I apology for not replying to every queries being busy with forth coming event.


Bir Bahadur Singh
Voice of Ex-Servicemen Society.
An all India movement of jcos./ncos/ors
Whaapp and mob- 9897468767
Pursotam Kumar Vaishnaw
Whatapp- 8510879554
Abhinash Kumar, Vice President
mob 7764033182

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